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Should water be managed like oil and gas?

Groundwater law and oil and gas law share the same genesis—the ancient law of absolute ownership – the notion that a landowner owns everything above and beneath his land, “up to the sky and down to the depths.”[1] But after applying the rule of capture – a doctrine that does not impose liability against one… Full Story

Finally Some Good News for Natural Gas Producers in Texas

After a tumultuous year, things are beginning to look up for natural gas producers, particularly in Texas. As previously reported, Texas producers have been among the hardest hit by the recent decline in gas prices, which reached a low of just $1.66 per million British thermal units (MMBtu) earlier this year, down from $6.00 in… Full Story

What’s in a Name? Seeking to Increase Transparency, Sunset Review Advocates Renaming the Texas Railroad Commission, But Other Reforms May Have Greater Success

Texas’ oldest regulatory agency, the Railroad Commission (RRC), celebrated its 125th birthday last month. Despite its long history of energy sector regulation, the RRC remains a mystery to most Texans. Ask the average citizen what the RRC does and they’ll likely reply “it regulates railroads, of course.” At one time, they would have been right…. Full Story

India Invites Texas Energy Companies to Invest in its Shale Market

(This post is co-authored with Janani Srinivasan, UT LLM ’15) Last May, India’s Petroleum & Natural Gas Ministry announced plans to expand the country’s hydrocarbon production by commencing commercial drilling for shale oil and gas resources. Developing shale resources will require use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), whereby fluid is injected underground at high pressure to fracture… Full Story

An Unlikely Partnership: Bringing Together Agricultural Producers and Energy Developers to Solve the Nation’s Looming Water Crisis

El Niño conditions, caused by a band of warm water in the Pacific Ocean off South America, have brought much needed rainfall to many drought stricken parts of the country. According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, the rain has led to a significant reduction in the national drought footprint, from 35 percent in mid-October… Full Story