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Colorado Supreme Court Strikes Down Local Fracking Bans

(This post is co-authored with Janani Srinivasan, UT LLM ’15) Earlier this month, the Supreme Court of Colorado struck down local bans on hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the cities of Longmont and Fort Collins, north of Denver. The city bans were imposed in response to growing public concern over the potential health impacts of fracking, which involves… Full Story

India Invites Texas Energy Companies to Invest in its Shale Market

(This post is co-authored with Janani Srinivasan, UT LLM ’15) Last May, India’s Petroleum & Natural Gas Ministry announced plans to expand the country’s hydrocarbon production by commencing commercial drilling for shale oil and gas resources. Developing shale resources will require use of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), whereby fluid is injected underground at high pressure to fracture… Full Story

Fears of Water Contamination from Fracking Subside

Ever since hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, burst onto the national scene a few years ago, people worried it would lead to significant water contamination. That worry appears to be ebbing. The new University of Texas at Austin Energy Poll shows a big drop in concern about water contamination. Only 31% of respondents said that was… Full Story

Time for Action: New KBH Center Study Urges Tougher Regulation to Control Gas Leaks from the Aging Pipeline System

1970. Richard Nixon was President. The environmental movement was gaining momentum, celebrating the first Earth Day, and securing establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Many now ubiquitous technologies were just being developed, with the first jumbo jet entering into service, and personal computers still several years away. From these examples, it may seem as… Full Story

Environmentalists Push for Tougher Regulation of Oil and Gas Waste

A coalition of 7 environmental groups this week gave notice of their intention to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) for failing to update its rules for the disposal of wastes resulting from oil and gas production. Concern over the adequacy of EPA’s waste disposal rules has grown in recent years, due to the… Full Story