Professor Melinda Taylor and Professor David Adelman Speak at U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Conference

On April 28, Professor Melinda Taylor and Professor David Adelman spoke at a U.S.-Mexico Border Wall conference held at Texas Law. Their presentations focused on the environmental impact of the wall and ways to minimize the impact. For example, a wall would prevent water from flowing across the Mexican border, and there is also wildlife that migrates across the border, including the endangered ocelot, also known as a dwarf leopard, located in south Texas and northern Mexico. “US Fish and Wildlife has spent a lot of money to preserve this animal and there are only a couple dozen left,” Professor Taylor observed.

This symposium marked the 10-year anniversary of the implementation of the Secure Fence Act and it reflected on the potential expansion and hardening of the physical and political reality of the U.S. border wall. It brought together interdisciplinary panels of expert researchers, scholars, activists, and community members who have studied, documented, and experienced the impacts of this structure. This event was sponsored by the Bernard and Audre Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice at Texas Law.

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