New York Times Cites University of Texas Full Cost of Electricity Report

In a Dec. 26, 2016 op-ed, The New York Times cited a report published that month by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin extensively. According to the report, which is titled titled “New U.S. Power Costs: by County, with Externalities,” natural gas and wind are the lowest-cost technology options for new electricity generation across much of the U.S. when cost, public health impacts and environmental effects are considered.

Other Media Coverage
Ralph K.M. Hauerwitz, “UT report: Wind, natural gas cheapest electricity if full cost tallied,” (December 8, 2016).

Ferit Ucar, “Groundbreaking Study Shows New Coal Plants are Uneconomic in 97 Percent of US Counties,” EDF Blogs (December 8, 2016).