David Spence, Monty Humble, “Wind Energy Takes Flight In The Heart of Texas Oil Country” (All Things Considered, NPR)

On March 8, 2017, All Things Considered, NPR quoted Professor David Spence and Professor Monty Humble in a story about Texas defying expectations of conservatism and renewable energy. “For a land owner, a ranching family to have the opportunity to produce oil and gas or the opportunity to have a wind turbine or a solar farm, it may well mean that another generation can remain on the land,” Humble says.

When Gov. Perry signed into law a 2005 bill to build transmission lines connecting the windy plains to population centers like Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, he made every Texas citizen pay for it in their energy bills. “It’s a full socialization of the costs,” Spence says. “We don’t use that word in the public discussion. But, yeah, we socialize the costs across all Texas ratepayers.”