2016 Events

  1. Conference: 3rd Annual ITA-IEL-ICC Joint Conference on International Arbitration

  2. 11th Annual TJOGEL Symposium

  3. UT Energy Symposium: Economic Perspectives on Oil and Gas Royalties with Texas Tech Prof. Tom Fitzgerald

  4. Distinguished Lecture: “Mexico-Texas Relations in the Age of Mexican Energy Reform” with the Honorable Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez (Consul General of Mexico in Austin)

  5. UT Energy Symposium: Averting Energy Catastrophe: Why I Bet the Farm on China and Innovation with Matthew Nordan (MNL Partners)

  6. Career Panel: Meet the ABA SEER Event

  7. GEC Energy Seminar Series 2016: Energy Storage for Rooftop Solar Panels Affect the Grid and Emissions?

  8. Environmental Law Society Panel: Student Career Panel

  9. Conference: UT Energy Week 2016 (February 16-19, 2016)

  10. Distinguished Lecture: “Experiences with Energy Infrastructure Development in Latin America” with Max Yzaguirre (Former Chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas)

  11. Environmental Law Society Round Table: Practicing Environmental Law at Baker Botts and Katten Muchin Rosenman

  12. Environmental Law Society Panel: Like Fish in a Barrel: Captive Hunting, Wildlife Law, and Conservation Impacts in Texas

  13. Energy Symposium: “Efficient Regulation of Energy Markets (Part I): Mexico-Texas Conversations” / “Regulación Eficiente de Mercados de Energía (Parte I): Conversaciones entre México y Texas”

  14. GEC Seminar Series 2016: Modern Trends, Opportunities, and Challenges of Electric Vehicles

  15. UT Energy Symposium: Political Economy of Energy Policy in India

  16. Environmental Law Society Panel: “Endangered Species in Texas” with Annie Kellough (National Wildlife Federation) and Melinda Taylor (KBH Energy Center)

  17. LLILAS Benson Panel: Energy Development in the Americas: Social and Environmental Consequences

  18. UT Energy Symposium: IoT, Analytics, Batteries, and PV: How Utilities Are Transforming Into the Utility of the Future

  19. Panel: “Women in Energy: Perspectives on Business, Law, Policy, and Science” with moderator Sylvia J. Kerrigan (Marathon Oil Corporation) and panelists Jill Lampert (NGP Energy Capital Management), Stephanie C. Hildebrandt (Norton Rose Fulbright US LLP), and Dr. Peggy Wilson, Ph.D. (retired, Mobil Oil Corporation)

  20. Lecture: “An Overview of the Oil and Gas Industry from an In-House Counsel’s Perspective” with Scott Schwind (Jones Day)

  21. UT Energy Institute Power Dialog: National Clean Power Plan Dialog

  22. LLILAS New Faculty Presentation: Sounding the Depths: Science, Obeah, and Oil in Trinidad

  23. UT Energy Symposium: Oil and Gas and the Future of Energy

  24. UT Energy & Earth Resources Graduate Program Lecture: “Groundwater Law: Private Water Right vs. Community Property” with Russ Johnson, JD

  25. UT Energy Institute Symposium: Student Research Showcase

  26. Plastics + Water – Life + You: Contaminants of Emerging Concern and Water on Earth: A Conference

  27. GEC Energy Seminar: To Uber or Not to Uber

  28. UT Energy Institute Symposium: A Century of Peak Oil Predictions

  29. Environmental Science Institute: UT Science Meets Society Seminar Series: The changing Global climate means more melting ice and rising seas

  30. UT Energy Symposium: Addressing Climate Change Among the Major Economies: The Case of India

  31. U.S. Sec. of Energy Ernest Moniz to speak on campus

  32. The Geophysical Society of Houston Presents: Exploring Your Career Potential – A Women’s Networking Event

  33. Eighth Annual Meeting of the Society for Environmental Law and Economics

  34. Webinar: Texas Solar Market Update

  35. Kinetic 2nd Annual Electricity Reform in Mexico Conference

  36. Lex Petrolea – Reality or Myth?: An International Symposium

  37. 28th Annual Environmental Superconference

  38. Special Seminar: Water & Energy Systems at Scale

  39. The Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Next Generation Photovoltaics Distinguished Lecture Series: “How Regulation Affects Utility Scale Solar Growth Throughout the U.S.,” with Colin Meehan (First Solar, Director, Regulatory & Public Affairs)

  40. UT Energy Symposium (UTES): Global progress in Carbon Capture and Storage – field demonstrations with emphasis on the storage component

  41. UT Energy Symposium (UTES): Distributed Energy Resources – Driving Multi-Disciplined Innovation

  42. Panel Conversation with Artist Victor Pérez-Rul: Artist uses recycled solar and kinetic energy to influence his artwork

  43. UT Energy Symposium (UTES): What is the World Coming To: From Energy Systems to Global Crisis Analysis and Response

  44. Distinguished Lecture: “Getting Beyond the Curse of Oil,” with the Honorable Robert W. Jordan (Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia)

  45. UT Energy Symposium: “Who is that Man Behind the Curtain?: Philanthropy’s Role in the Transition to Clean Energy,” with Marilu Hastings (Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation)

  46. UT Energy Symposium (UTES): ERCOT and the Evolving Grid: 2016 Perspectives

  47. Next Generation Photovoltaics Lecture Series: Distinguished lecturer discusses voltage regulation devices

  48. Symposium: Transboundary Resource Agreements: The Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean Sea Experience

  49. UT Energy Symposium (UTES): New Utility Business Models for an Evolving Industry

  50. Workshop: Oil and Gas Pipeline Economics, with Thomas Miesner (Founder, Pipeline Development & Knowledge)

  51. UT Energy Symposium (UTES): Cash is King! The Comparative Effectiveness of Solar Incentives

  52. UT Energy Symposium: Reforming the Energy Vision: An Electric System for Stormy Times

  53. Short Course Presentation: “The LNG Value Chain,” with Cameron D. Chandler (Chandler Energy Resources, LLC)

  54. Diversity and Women’s Networking Event: Alchemy of Success: Keynote and Cocktails, with Scott W. Tinker (Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences) and Nancy House (Integrated Interpretation)

  55. UT Energy Symposium: Power Markets, Regulation, and Utility Scale Solar in the U.S.

  56. The Eugene Kuntz Conference on Natural Resources Law and Policy

  57. Distinguished Lecture: “Oil Capital and the Rise of Independent American Oilmen,” with Buddy Clark (Partner, Haynes and Boone)

  58. Texas Water Symposium: 2017 Legislative Outlook: Population Growth and Groundwater Management

  59. Texas Enterprise Lecture: Thirst for Power: Energy, Water and Human Survival

  60. The Future of Texas Water and Energy: A Panel on Our State’s Water-Energy Nexus

  61. UT Energy Symposium: EPRI’s Integrated Grid

  62. The Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Next Generation Photovoltaics Distinguished Lecture Series: Scarcity and Criticality of PV Relevant Materials: Mitigation Strategies, with Gabrielle Gaustad (Associate Professor, Golisano Institute of Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology)

  63. UT Energy Symposium: Dust to Dust, with a stop at the Stars: The NRG Story

  64. The Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Next Generation Photovoltaics Distinguished Lecture Series: The Solar Coaster – A Summary of Regulatory Proceedings and Policy Battles in Key Jurisdictions from the Trenches