2015 Events

  1. 2015 McCombs CleanTech Spring Trek

  2. 2nd Annual ITA-IEL Joint Conference on International Energy Arbitration

  3. Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Presents Special Institute on Climate Change Law and Regulations: Planning for a Carbon-Constrained Regulatory Environment

  4. Distinguished Lecture: Energy Policy in Texas: Pressing Issues for the Texas Legislature

  5. Workshop: Environmental Law as ‘Hot’ Law: Exploring a Legal World: A Paper for Discussion

  6. Texas Law Review Symposium: Science Challenges for Law and Policy

  7. Distinguished Lecture: Practicing Tax Law at the Largest Corporation in America, ExxonMobil

  8. 2015 NAPE Summit

  9. 2015 NAPE Summit

  10. UT Energy Week

  11. KBH Energy Center holds Symposium on “The Geopolitics of Oil & Gas in the Americas” at UT Austin

  12. NGP Industry Panel

  13. 2015 NGP Energy Capital Management’s “How To Start An Oil & Gas Company” Event

  14. Using Markets for Environmental Management, a Lecture by Dr. Martin Doyle, Professor of River Science and Policy in the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University

  15. Columbia Law School Presents Back to the Basics: Enduring Challenges in International Arbitration Law

  16. Energy Geopolitics and Security in the Western Hemisphere

  17. McCombs Global Connections Program’s China Trek

  18. The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy Presents: The Mexican Energy Reforms and their Impact on the Texas Legal Market

  19. 2015 Inaugural PLM Alumni Reunion

  20. Ethics in International Arbitration, a Faculty Colloquium by Professor Catherine Rogers (Penn State Law)

  21. Walking a Fine Line: Balancing Property Rights, Energy Production, and the Environment, a Distinguished Lecture by Joseph Fitzsimons (UT JD ’85)

  22. 5th Annual Austin Electricity Conference

  23. Shifting Political Dynamics: Emerging Energy Issues in the Developing World, a Distinguished Lecture by Professor Owen Anderson, Visiting Professor from OU School of Law

  24. Attorney Russ Johnson to discuss the landowner’s perspective on groundwater resource management in Texas

  25. Challenges to the Oil & Gas Industry in Brazil, a Luncheon Talk by Professor Marilda Rosado, Professor of International Law and Oil and Gas Law at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

  26. AIPN 2015 Spring Conference: Negotiating Solid International Deals in a Dynamic Investment Landscape

  27. 2015 Texas Environmental Law Journal Symposium: Reconciling Federal, State, and Local Conservation and Land Use Goals

  28. The Texas Tribune presents: Energy: The Next Five Years

  29. Energy Poll Wave 8 Release

  30. Seminar: “You’re Biased and I’m Not: Separating Energy Policy From Energy Politics” with Dr. David Spence

  31. Distinguished Lecture: “Fostering Innovation and Solidifying Texas Leadership in the Energy Sector” with Railroad Commission of Texas Commissioner Christi Craddick

  32. UT Energy Symposium (UTES): Energy Games: Gamification for Decision-Making and Behavior Change in Solar Adoption

  33. Lunch Talk: “Practicing Public Interest Environmental Law at Earthjustice” with Mary Whittle (J.D. ’01)

  34. UT Energy Symposium (UTES): Perceptions of Energy and Water Use

  35. Webinar: Baseline Testing for Unconventional Oil & Gas Development

  36. Presentation: “Subnational Climate Leadership on the Road to Paris” with Ann Carlson (UCLA) and William Boyd (Colorado Law)

  37. UT Energy Symposium (UTES): The Low Slow Return Blues: Why the Venture Capitalists Have Difficulties with Clean Technology

  38. Panel: “Working to Address Environmental Justice in Texas” with Erin Gaines (UT J.D. ’13) and Bryan Parras (Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Series)

  39. Emerging Notions for Re-Imagining the Clean Energy Innovation System

  40. KBH Center to host student drop-in session

  41. Presentation: “Competitiveness and Innovation in Latin America: Limitations and Possibilities” with Dr. Maria de Lourdes Dieck Assad (Dean, EGADE Business School, Tecnologico de Monterrey)

  42. Distinguished Lecture: “Energy Policy and Law of the EU and Switzerland with Regard to Climate Change – Energy Efficiency, Renewables, and the Role of Nuclear Energy” with Sebastian Heselhaus (Co-founder and Task Coordinator of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research/Center for Research in Energy, Society, and Transition)

  43. UT Energy Symposium: Financing the Clean Economy

  44. Panel: Environmental Law Careers (Part 1)

  45. UT Energy Symposium: ENGIE and the Energy Transition

  46. Webinar: Energy Reform in Mexico: Examining Land Use Laws and Issues

  47. Panel: Environmental Law Careers (Part 2)

  48. Lecture: “Cuba: Challenges of an Economic Transition” with Dr. Ricardo Torres (Economics Professor & Researcher at The University of Havana)

  49. Lecture: “Mechanisms for Promoting Renewable Energy” with Dr. Amaro Pereira (UT-Fulbright Visiting Professor in Environmental Sciences)

  50. Distinguished Lecture: “Productive Partnerships: An Overview of U.S.-Hemispheric Relations” with Gonzalo Gallegos (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Diplomacy, Bureau of Western Hemispheric Affairs, U.S. Department of State)

  51. UT Energy Symposium: Solar Energy in the United States – Its Growth and the Challenges Ahead

  52. Conference: Second Houston Annual Conference Oil and Gas Investment Arbitration 2015

  53. UT Energy Symposium: The Social Costs of Energy Production and Use in the United States: Consequences for Measures of Output and Growth

  54. UT Energy Symposium: The Road to Paris: Paved with Domestic Climate Policy

  55. UT Energy Symposium: Student Research Showcase