2014 Events

  1. International Arbitration and Public Law (George Bermann, Columbia University)

  2. Nuclear Arms Control and Climate Change Negotiations: Shared Lessons and Possibilities

  3. Breakfast with George Bermann

  4. EMIC reception in downtown Houston in connection with NAPE Conference

  5. Mexico’s Energy Reform: What’s Next for Business?

  6. UT Energy Forum

  7. Faculty Colloquium-David Adelman

  8. Water Conservation and Reuse Projects in the Age of SWIFT: New Funds and New Priorities

  9. MBA Energy Trek, China

  10. Climate Policy

  11. A Conversation with H.E. Gary Doer

  12. The Water-Energy Nexus: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Water and Energy Law

  13. Environmental Implications of the 2014 Drought in Central Texas/Hill Country

  14. Global Venture Labs Investment Competition

  15. 4th Annual Austin Electricity Conference

  16. UT Law Faculty Colloquium Features John M. Golden and Hannah Wiseman

  17. LNG Value Chain Presentation, Cameron Chandler of Chandler Energy Resources

  18. Environmental Entrepreneurs: Local Companies Leading the Way to a Low-Carbon Economy

  19. Groundwater Management and Groundwater Law from the Perspective of the Landowner

  20. Movie screening: “Big Men” (2014), an inside look at Texas E&P startups and international petroleum transactions

  21. Sixth Release of the UT Energy Poll

  22. Emerging Trends in International Arbitration in Latin America: Energy Disputes, Rules, Remedies, Jurisdiction, and Integration

  23. EMP Summer Cohort Program

  24. Chile: Energy Sector Opportunities Industry Breakfast Roundtable

  25. NAPE South

  26. Challenges to Delivering Electricity in Texas

  27. Alternate Investments Conference

  28. Environmental Law Practitioners Panel

  29. Energy and Environmental Law of Ecuador in the Andean Context

  30. Life and Work at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  31. National Energy Finance Case Competition

  32. Practicing Energy Law in Mexico: A UT Law LL.M.’s Experience

  33. National Conference of Lawyers

  34. UT Energy Symposium – Methane Emissions in the Natural Gas Supply Chain

  35. RenovaMex 2014