About the KBH Energy Center

Texas is the largest oil, gas, and wind power producer in the U.S. Nearly 30% of the nation’s proved natural gas reserves are in Texas. It contains one-fourth of the nation’s refining capacity, 40% of the country’s chemical production capacity, and utilizes an independent electricity grid that serves 24 million people. The state has more than 13,000 megawatts of installed wind capacity. Texas solar power potential is also among the nation’s highest, representing one-fifth of the U.S. total. Texas has an abundance of biomass energy resources, and the energy sector is one of the most important employers in the state.

The Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Energy, Law, and Business (KBH Energy Center) is an interdisciplinary joint venture of the School of Law and the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. The Mission of the KBH Energy Center is to:

Premier Classroom Experience 

The School of Law and the McCombs School of Business offer a number of innovative courses designed to prepare students to succeed in the energy center. A key component of the curriculum is the opportunity to work alongside distinguished faculty and graduate students from other disciplines. Interdisciplinary courses co-taught by professors from the schools of law, business, geosciences, engineering, and marine sciences are offered every semester.

Research and Programs

The KBH Energy Center hosts distinguished lectures, conferences, and symposia related to energy and produces original research on energy problems from legal and business perspectives.

Focus on Latin America

Latin America is undergoing dynamic energy development. Primary energy demand has doubled in Latin America in the last 40 years, and significant oil and gas discoveries have been made in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. With strong energy demand and expanded supplies, the region is experiencing a surge of resource nationalism, the revitalization of national oil companies, and a realignment of geopolitical alliances. Because of Texas’ proximity and the university’s deep ties to Latin America, the KBH Energy Center is well-positioned to contribute to the policy dialogue pertaining to region’s growing energy sector.